Sometimes ideas come to our minds without us knowing exactly where they come from or why they concern us. But an inner feeling tells us that we should set out to find out why this idea germinated in us. For me, this happened on an ordinary day when I was strolling through the market square in Wiesbaden and my bracelet slipped under my watch.

At that moment the thought occurred to me: Why can't you combine two pieces of jewelry together to create something unique? This idea stuck with me and I felt an urgent desire to pursue it. My goal was to design a unique watch using new technology, a special piece of jewelry.

I began to study watches and jewelry intensively and to understand how watches worked and how I could integrate new technology. I researched, visited jewelers and watchmakers to gain their expertise. With every step of my journey, my passion and understanding for the two worlds of jewelry and watches grew.

Of course, this wasn't a process that happened overnight. It took many prototypes, sketches and discarded ideas to ultimately find the right technology. The result is VI VA, a jewelry watch that is based on an idea that has now been internationally patented

This is made possible by: two anchor points integrated into the case that allow us to combine VI VA individually with matching pieces of jewelry or to wear it as a classic watch.

VI VA - the message

Now that I've designed this unique watch that didn't exist on the market before, it was time to give it a name that reflected my journey in life, my time in life and my desire to make the best life out of it. After some thought, I came up with the name “Vida,” which means “life” in Spanish. But then the idea of ​​“Viva” came, which also means “life” and can be wonderfully integrated into the dial.

'VI' looks like a Roman six and 'V' a Roman five with another Roman five upside down. This watch not only became the core of my brand, but also a talisman and companion for its wearer.

Quality and craftsmanship

When you create something unique, something new, quality is the most important thing you think about. I couldn't just have this special treasure made, it had to be perfect. I traveled a lot to find the best manufacturers and to design VI VA to be truly premium. A VI VA jewelry watch is made in Germany and the materials are only sourced from partners who have been on the market for many years and value sustainability and resource-saving thinking.

The journey I took to create this piece of jewelry was not only an experience of learning and growth, but also a journey of self-discovery. I learned that sometimes the most unconventional ideas are the ones that inspire us the most advance. That we should put fears aside and follow our passion. Because who knows where these adventures can take us?

Inspired by my own journey, I encourage anyone who has an idea that sticks with them to embark on the journey and find out where it can lead. Because who knows, maybe there is a treasure behind this idea that is just waiting to be discovered.

xx Jenno