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Using your VI VA watch for the first time

Open & Close

Remove the plug

  • Press lightly on the plug with your thumb or index finger and at the same time turn it to the left to release it from the housing
  • store it safely in your Art of VI VA box

Attach a piece of jewelry

  • Insert the key into the opening on the piece of jewelry with the button facing upwards. Hold it lightly pressed into the housing
  • while you now turn it to the right to attach it securely to the watch
  • Make sure the piece of jewelry sits on the watch

Wear watch & bracelet

Quick and easy

  • To do this, insert the end piece with the bayonet into the opening provided in the watch casing (start at the top opening, 2:00) until you feel a slight stop.

*It is easiest if the small pin on the bayonet points upwards.

  • Continue to hold it lightly and turn it to the right - i.e. clockwise (for left-handed people it's exactly the other way around).

Tip : If your bracelet is unworn, first attach it to the top pusher (2:00). Then put the watch on and place the bracelet around your wrist from below. Now the lower end can be attached more easily!

Design your necklace

Chain & Bracelet

Discover an exclusive selection of necklaces in our shop. These can now be expanded into a truly unique necklace with an elegant jewelry clasp or a stylish bracelet.

We use the innovative Bayonet principle. It's easy:

  • Insert the bayonet into the tunnel, push it in and hold it down. To close the chain, turn it to the right. To open, turn it to the left.