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    VI VA Black Elegance

    by 4 - 6 Werktage

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    The minimalist watch dispenses with exuberant design elements and is reduced to the essential arguments that make a good watch: attractive and unique appearance, high-quality materials and workmanship, wearing comfort and convincing technology.

    quartz movement Ronda caliber 762 "Made in Switzerland"
    housing 316L stainless steel or PVD coating
    glass Convex sapphire crystal
    diameter 34mm, height 8mm, limited & numbered
    Dial Sunray Guilloche
    pointer Lancet pointer
    pusher Detachable with a smooth-running bayonet
    Waterproof up to 5 bar (5 ATM)
    Milanaise bracelet 316L stainless steel or PVD coated
    Close Butterfly 316L stainless steel; size adjustable

    The VI VA Watch has been tested for water resistance up to 5 bar (5ATM). This makes it suitable for everyday use, e.g. B. Showering or washing hands. However, we advise against going bathing, showering or swimming with the watch on. Please never operate the crown under water - water could penetrate. If, despite your caution, water or condensation forms under the glass, please have your watch professionally checked immediately. Trapped water can affect the function of the watch. Contaminated water, seawater, chlorinated water or similar must be kept away from your watch.

    Battery operated products from Art of VI VA are subject to the Directive 2002/96/EG of the European Parliament and of the Council for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). This device went on sale after August 13, 2005 and must not be disposed of with normal household waste. To dispose of this device, please use the appropriate take-back systems in your municipality and also observe all other regulations in this context.

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    Excessive friction causes scratches that take the shine off your watch. Chemicals, solvents or fats can cause discoloration or damage to the case and bracelet.

    You can easily remove dust or dirt from your watch with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Please only use clear water and no soap or other cleaning agents. The cleaning cloth should be untreated (do not use silver cleaning cloths or similar!).

    Take your time to put on your watch and the jewelry bracelets. Accelerate the moment!

    Please always carefully guide the bayonet of your ArtChain or Timecatcher to the corresponding opening in the watch case to avoid scratching the surrounding case.

    Please always make sure that the Pushers are fully engaged in the bayonet mount in the case to avoid loss. If it does happen to you, please email us at

    Your watch is designed to withstand the knocks of normal use. Nevertheless, we do not recommend wearing the watch for sports, showering, bathing, sauna or similar activities, as the vibrations could damage the mechanics.

    Extreme temperatures shorten the life of the battery, so it is better not to expose your watch to extreme environmental conditions such as strong sunlight or high or low temperatures.

    Magnetic fields can affect the movement, so keep your watch away from it. The following objects can have magnetic fields: security gates, refrigerators, computers, smartphones, loudspeakers, etc.

    It is best to take off the watch before going to sleep. Just use your ArtBox. Not only does it look pretty, you can always store your jewelery wardrobe neatly and safely.


    The VI VA Milanaise bracelet is easily adjustable and can be worn with a wrist circumference between 14cm and 18cm.


    1. To adjust the bracelet, please turn the bracelet inside out and open the small flap on the bottom of the clasp.
    2. In the band you can see small grooves in which the clasp can snap. Now slide the fastener according to the desired size to the desired groove.
    3. Then press the clasp firmly again. Done.



    For the first time, the pushers (at 2:00 and 4:00 o'clock) familiar from the chronograph have been fitted with a smooth-running bayonet catch and can therefore be removed. So you can attach ArtChain or TimeCatcher directly and securely to your VI VA Watch.

    VI VA Watch - how to remove a pusher

    To remove the pushers, gently press one pusher into the case, hold it down and turn it to the left - i.e. counterclockwise. The opposite is true for VI VA right-hand watches. This will unlock the handle and allow it to be carefully removed. Always keep the pushers safe in your ArtBox!

    Attaching an ArtChain or a TimeCatcher works on the same principle. To do this, insert the end piece with the bayonet into the opening provided in the watch case until you feel a slight stop. It is easiest when the small pin on the bayonet points upwards. Keep pressing it slightly and turn it to the right - i.e. clockwise - (for left-handers exactly the other way round).

    Tip: First attach your unworn ArtChain to the top button (2:00). Then put on the watch and put the ArtChain around your wrist from below. Now the lower end can be attached more easily!

    If you want to reattach the pushers to the watch, perform these steps in reverse order. Only this time turn to the right - i.e. clockwise - to fix it (exactly the other way around for left-handed watches). Please always check that all fasteners are really tight!



    1. Pull out the crown.
    2. Adjust both hands by turning the crown until the desired time is displayed.
    3. After pushing the crown back into the normal position, the hands start their function.

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    Product description

    In its simplicity, the VI VA Black can be combined with really anything. Black is simply mysteriously chic. Made from high-quality stainless steel and coated with PVD, the feminine watch nestles around your wrist and skilfully draws attention to it.

    Thanks to our large selection of ArtChains and time catchers, the VI VA Watch becomes a jewelry watch that shows all facets of you and brings them to bear authentically. Whether with a business outfit, a casual leisure look or elegant evening wear. Different every day and always the way you love it. Try it!


    Product description

    We started with Art of VI VA with the aim of creating a modern jewelry watch. The Eternal Vibes with the VI VA Black is exactly that and more: A real statement!

    You just can't get enough of the effects of the Eternal Vibes, then combine them with a necklace for a jewelry necklace, or wear them solo on your wrist with ArtConnector!


    Product description

    There is something mysterious about the combination of black and silver brushed balls and a Singapore chain on the VI VA Black. Independent and unconventional. Just you.

    You just can't get enough of the Dark Bliss, then combine it with a necklace for a jewelry necklace, or wear it solo on your wrist with ArtConnector!


    Product description

    The strong look of the VI VA Black harmonizes perfectly with the layering buzz. The ArtChain is designed to drape beautifully when attached to the watch. A real piece of jewelry for the wrist that will cause real enthusiasm!

    You just can't get enough of the Layering Buzz, then combine it with a necklace for a jewelry necklace, or wear it alone on the wrist or foot with ArtConnector!